2018 Lansum International Music Festival

Competition Winners



Dear 2018 Lansum Musicians,


Congratulations to all of our Lansum Musicians!


We appreciate your great achievements as young artists, your amazing time spent with all of musicians, and your wonderful performances at the 2018 Lansum Festival.


Our 2018 Lansum International Music Festival Award Ceremony and Winner’s Concert will be held:

Time: 7:00pm , August 9, 2018

Location: Zipper Concert Hall, 200 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012


All Winners will receive their prizes at the ceremony.


We would like to welcome all of our Lansum Musicians, families, teachers, and friends to join us tonight.


Look forward to seeing you!

Enjoy the Lansum Music!


Best Wishes,


Lansum International Music Festival Committees







2018 Lansum Winner’s Concerts will be held at the Zipper Concert Hall on August 7-9, 2018

Zipper Concert Hall

200 S Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012


Piano Competition Winners

Piano Category A

First Prize 

Nicolas Moon

Second Prize 

Jason Liu

Third Prize 

Veronika Poliakova

Piano Category B

First Prize 

Eleni Moon

Second Prize 

Freya Pang

Third Prize 

Sarah Deng

Honorable Mention

Claire Rong

Piano Category C

First Prize

Mohan Jia

Second Prize 

Kevin Wang

Third Prize

Yurong Cao

Honorable Mention

Sabrina Lo

Ian Park

Alina Qian

Wendy Wang

Jadon Wu

Piano Category D

First Prize 

Jiayan Gao

Second Prize

Kasper Yoder*

Frederick Chiu*

Third Prize 

Malvyn Lai*

Cynthia Zhang*

Honorable Mention

Kathleen Gurning

Katherine Kim

Piano Category E

First Prize 

Kevin Cho

Second Prize 

Dominik Yoder

Piano Category F

First Prize

Lukasz Yoder

Third Prize

Rufus Bordal*

Derek Chung*

Honorable Mention

Kayla Shen

Piano Category G

Second Prize

Man Ling Bai



Strings / Winds / Ensemble Music Winners

Age up to 9

First Prize

Valery Breshears, Violin *

Ashley Dixon, Travis Luu, Piano Duo *

Second Prize

Victor Chen, Violin

Third Prize

Alvin Chen, Violin

Age 10-12

First Prize

Starla Breshears, Cello*

Dustin Breshears, Starla Breshears, Valery Breshears, Trio*

Second Prize

Dustin Breshears, Violin*

Lena Kim, Violin*

Kaycee Nguyen, Rosemary Do, Duet*

Third Prize

Oliver Chen, Violin*

Alvin Chen, Victor Chen, Duet*

Owen Chen, Oliver Chen, Duet*

Age 13-15

First Prize

Kevin Song, Cello*

Siyang Wu, Flute*

Second Prize

Anthony Yoon, Violin*

Jessica Lee, Cello*

Audrey Zhang, Harp*

Jay Kim, Clarinet*

Alysia Chu, Flute*

Third Prize

Matthew Chang, Violin*

Kelly Kim, Cello*

Mattew Lee, Clarinet*

Katrina Weng, Flute*

Shuyu Wang, Emma Chang, Piano Duet*

Kailey Suh, Justin Jang, William Lee, Christina Lee, Strings Quartet

Age 16-18

First Prize

Josephine Kim, Violin*

Ying long Lin, Flute*

Charles Yun, Violin*

Celine Tseng, Hong An Hoang, Piano Duo*

Second Prize

David Huh, Violin*

Celine Tseng, Susan Le, An Hoang, Andrew Luu, Piano Quartet*

Age 19 and up

Third Prize 

Jing Yang, Violin

(All above with * Prize Winners: Tied as the cash prize winners in the combined division of Strings/Winds/Ensemble Music for the 2018 Lansum Music Festival, based on these 3 divisions entrance numbers and 30% selected winners among them. )